Welcome to the page for purchasing your Sonic Smile online courses and clinic, demo, team & personal sets of sonic instruments. 

These instruments are tuned to scientifically-researched and medically-applied frequencies which can quickly and easily shift ALL symptoms of dental patient anxiety, are super handy to demo to patients in the reception/waiting area and also support you and your team in dealing with the daily stresses and strains of running a busy dental practice, and taking a personal set home so you can tune into a brand new you & share these and helping your friends, family and clients too!
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These instruments are made from special alchemically-created aluminium and are the highest quality available, since I personally believe in giving my patients the highest choice for their healing.  For more on our Sonic Life Solutions tuning fork quality, please click here.  How do you know if you’ve purchased a cheap set of instruments?  You will find that the quality of the materials used are very low; they may not be accurately tuned (ours are tuned to within a .0000Hz accuracy); and when the instruments are struck, they don’t sound for that long i.e. 30 seconds vs. 2-3 minutes depending on the instrument used and whether it has weights on it.  Given that your patient or person receiving the frequency treatment will probably be deeply in a place of relaxation during their session, reducing the amount of strikes during the session is highly recommended.    These sound instruments have also been independently tested and found to produce very coherent energy fields which is a wonderful way to maximise the many benefits for you, your friends, family and any clients. N.B. As these instruments are individually custom-made for each customer, please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery depending on your location. 

PLEASE NOTE: Customs fees or and/or import VAT may be payable. 

MAILING RATES:  All orders are fully tracked and internationally insured.  Unfortunately, the USPS postal service has been quite challenged in the past  year, so we have been having difficulty sending packages using that method during such uncertain times so this MAY mean that your order will  take a week or so longer, so kindly bear with us.  Whilst all orders are insured, for some unusual locations, due to packages being lost or stolen if USPS is used, UPS is the only reliable method, but this may incur an additional charge.  If you are happy to pay the extra charge of using UPS as a courier company, then please let us know upon purchase here.   Mailing charges have gone up due to the global crisis and are currently estimated between $12-20/£9-15 for an order sent within the US, and up to $65/£49.99 approximately) for UK orders and US$80/£59.99 for Australasia.  Why not order a few more forks and split your order with some friends, or buy some extra as unique healing gifts that will last a lifetime for those you love!  N.B. Please note that your mailing charges may have to be manually adjusted after your order is received due to the US postal system being currently challenged due to the current global situation so changes may be made beyond our control without warning and then we will separately bill you for that additional amount depending on where you are located on this amazing planet!  Thanks so much for your kind consideration at this time.

 “It’s really helped reduce my chronic back pain episodes.  I use it every day as part of my self care now.  Thanks so much for introducing this instrument to me.” – Maria S. (Dance coach) (Japan)


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