• Do some of your patients suffer with dental nervousness before their appointments?
  • Does this sometimes cause delays for other patients in the waiting room?
  • How high is your patient cancellation rate from patients suffering dental anxiety?
  • How much income is lost from a practice that doesn’t run as smoothly as you’d like?
  • Do you and your team sometimes get stressed during a busy surgery day?
  • Would you like to give a more relaxing dental experience to your patients?
  • Would you like to add a quick and effective relaxation method before your procedures?
  • Would you like to expand your professional skills & knowledge?

We are excited to launch SONIC SMILE as a pioneering new holistic modality using the power of scientifically-researched and medically-applied sound frequency to address all the symptoms of dental patient anxiety to enhance the dental patient and team experience, for dentists, orthodontists, periodontal practitioners and hygienists.

The SONIC SMILE Stress Relief Relaxation method is a series of techniques using the many beneficial properties of sound frequency to reduce patient anxiety, stress or overwhelm prior to dental care & to also benefit the dental team.

The SONIC SMILE Stress Relief Relaxation method is delivered to the patient or team with “easy to apply” instruments that transmit onto “easily accessible” locations on the body e.g. meridian points and major bones of the skeleton for highly effective use & maximum benefit.  This exciting & innovative Holistic Sonic Science enables all dental practitioners to care more easily for nervous or challenging patients using easy-to-apply methods to give fast results.  This enables the dental professional to then begin dental treatment with a far happier, more relaxed and grounded patient, or be able to reduce personal or team stress at work or home whenever required.

Check out our intro video below:

In our lives today, we are increasingly overstimulated and impacted by a wide variety of factors that can make it harder for dental practitioners to achieve a smoothly-running practice.  Challenges may include:-

  • Higher cancellation rates due to their patients’ stresses at work
  • Difficulty in maintaining back-to-back appointment times, due to patients needing longer to calm down before their procedures or during their treatment
  • Loss of profits due to the additional time required for treatment
  • The added time factor of handling patients who have had to wait longer than anticipated
  • Loss of revenue and increased work and stress levels caused by days off sick, whether it’s the dentist or part of the dental team
  • The impact of each patient’s stress on the practice team and so the list goes on…

Would you like to offer a new innovative relaxation method to your patients to help them reduce their anxiety, stress, upset or overwhelm in just 5 or 10 minutes before their next dental appointment?  Patients might have been sitting in the waiting area worrying about the needles, the drilling, the suction, the bright lights, the cost, the bad news… and getting more than just a bit stressed out at the very thought of it!

Are you a dentist who is wanting to expand what they offer to their patients by incorporating a more holistic approach? Or maybe you’d like to simply add this fast and effective modality into your current holistic methods to provide a simple way of addressing dental patient anxiety pre-treatment, and bringing a cutting-edge tool to relieve any stress you or your clinic team may suffer from, then this is the education for you!

How do we treat dental anxiety? Which tools would you or do you usually consider? Maybe you already diffuse calming essential oils in the patient waiting room or you take the time to talk with the patient about how they’re feeling prior to treatment to allay their fears, or you put on some calming music or TV during dental work, or give them additional analgesia to compensate for their state of being. One thing is for sure, some of these approaches may not be effective enough to calm the patient down either pre-treatment or during. This is where specific sound healing frequencies can be so useful to quickly and effectively shift the patient’s state prior to treatment. If the patient can calm quickly and easily before dental work, then no time is lost during treatment and this then enables dental appointment treatment times to more easily stay on schedule, potentially reducing waiting time for the patients next in line for their appointment.

What if you could offer them something to literally set their mind and body at rest, to help them relax, to make your job so much easier?  The SONIC SMILE Stress Relief Relaxation Method is delivered to the patient or team with “easy to apply” instruments that transmit onto “easily accessible” locations on the body e.g. meridian points and major bones of the skeleton and body areas for highly effective use & maximum benefit.  After application, this enables you to begin your patient treatment with a far happier, more relaxed and grounded patient, or to be able to reduce personal or team stress at work wherever required.  The SONIC SMILE Method is also very effective and fun for kids!  They are fascinated by sound!

By offering this additional patient service, you will build better patient rapport, trust and confidence in the services you provide & can of course market yourself as bringing a higher level of care and understanding compared to many or all of your competitors in your local area!  Let new patients know you offer a unique form of care that no other dentists are offering (your unique selling point) and make yourself stand out from the crowd!

The SONIC SMILE Stress Relief Relaxation Method is a Holistic Sonic Science offered as an online training course for dental professionals.  It focuses on improving the overall Dental Patient Experience & supporting dentists & their team to have additional self-care tools to address any daily stress using the scientifically-researched and medical applied benefits of sound frequency. This pioneering new method is opening new doors and paving the way for a brand new future for dentistry.

More relaxed patients, make for happier patients who will tell their friends about this new service you’re offering and that’s definitely better for business and when the Sonic Smile method is used ongoing, it can also benefit you and your whole dental team too!

Bringing the dentistry world into the future, with the power of sound and Sonic Smile.

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